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Shop Ship To Shore Monthly Grooming & Beard Subscription Box Review

I was looking for a beard box for my husband that had beard products that were natural and/or organic. Beard oil and beard wash can get pretty expensive and i was hoping there would be a box out there that was around $20, which was what we were paying for his beard oil already. So i spent some time surfing the web looking for men’s beard boxes and trying to find one that fit into our budget and would maybe have extras that would be fun for my hubby to try out. That’s when i found ship to shore.
Ship To Shore is a grooming and skin care store that offer monthly subscription boxes. They have a shaving box, beard box, and even a woman’s box. Each box costs $20 + $3 Flat Rate Shipping. I was happy when i saw that all their products were:
  • Made in the USA
  • With natural and organic ingredients
  • No fillers or harsh chemicals
  • Hand stirred and custom packaged
  • Had no parabens
  • No artificial colors or scents. 

I really can’t stand strong artificial scents so this was a major plus for me. Their beard box cost $20 a month and with it you get 1 of their full sized beard and grooming products and you also get 3 sample/travel sized grooming products to try.

My husband received a .25 oz Flying Fox Beard Oil in light citrus which retails for $16.95 which was his full sized product for the month. This oil is made with sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and antioxidant Vitamin E. He says he loves this oil and it should last him a few months. This oil keeps his face and beard moisturized so that he doesn’t get itchy and helps tame his beard. This definitely has a very very light citrus scent. 
For his travel sized items he received Flying Fox Energizing Coffee Hair & Body Wash. The full size retails at $15.95. It says it is made with fresh brewed coffee YUM! So this is made with Coffee Arabica, Vitamin B5, and Meadowfoam seed oil. This definitely smells like coffee and leaves a lovely coffee smell behind. My husband tried this after a long day of work and said he felt noticeably more awake and energized after using this body wash. He loved the smell, if we don’t get a full size of this in a future box we will probably buy a full sized one ourselves. 
He also got travel sized Phantom citrus shampoo & conditioner. This was Ship To Shore Monthly Top Pick and i can see why. This has such a wonderful lemony citrus scent. The full size of these retail for $13.95 each. My husband has very thick coarse dry hair and after using this shampoo and conditioner his hair is  noticeably softer and more hydrated its amazing! I know these are also items he will hope to see full sized in upcoming boxes. 
Now the real question is was this box worth the money? I think so. We are definitely going to keep this subscription going. My husband loved everything in this box and was very happy with it. I don’t know how new ship to shore is but i’ve only been able to find one person reviewing their boxes and it was a shave box. So i felt i really needed to do this review, i love searching reviews before buying a product. So the only downside to this subscription is, you can’t find any reviews for it. 
So if you have any bearded men or non bearded men who like to try new grooming products this is a great box to gift. Or even just a la cart, you really can’t go wrong!

Have you tried Ship to Shore? Do you have a favorite bath & beauty box? Favorite Beard Grooming Product? Let me know in the comments!


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