Cora Organic Tampons Subscription Review


I reviewed Kali Organic Luxe Period Subscription a few months ago. They were nice but I have another brand of pads I like better and for $22 they were just not at a price I like, maybe if I would have enjoyed their Luxe item more but sadly I haven’t really even used it. So I’ve moved on to Cora. I saw Cora and I knew I had to give them a try. Their packaging just screams sophistication and sexy, it’s black and it’s simple and it’s grown up. If you’re tired of your pads and tampons packaging being bright and neon and are looking for something discreet and adult this is the tampon sub for you. I began by trying Cora trial before I went through with the full subscription. I actually was just going to originally get the subscription just for the first box and cancel. You can sign up for the free trial here it’s $3 and they send you a box of 18 tampons of your choice of regular and super. If you don’t cancel within the trial month they will charge you and begin your subscription.


When you begin your subscription you will be asked how many tampons you go through monthly 6, 12, 18, or 24. 12 is the most common they say. If you are unsure how many you use a month you can click a link and they will ask you three questions and give you a recommendation of how many you may need.  Then you have a choice between regular or super more half/half. They mail out tampons every three months so if you order 12 you will receive 36 tampons every shipment. Then you have a choice of billing. Monthly, every 3 Months, or Yearly.


Your first box comes with a little black box with the cora logo on it to store your tampons. I was able to fit about 10 pads and 18 tampons in this, I keep it near the toilet. I love that it’s discreet and simple so it’s not obvious that this is for tampon/pad storage.


You also get 6 of these stowaway cases with tampons in them. I love that they look like lipstick containers. It has information on it about Cora and tells you to share this with a friend and spread the love. These little cardboard cases are great to just toss in your bag and go, they are pretty tough and won’t get destroyed in the bottom of your bag. You also get this cute little tampon clutch, it’s well made and fits 4 tampons in it. I will be keeping my new clutch in my purse at all times from now on. I also will be keeping a stowaway or two also, to pass on to a woman in need, if the situation arises.

I really love these Cora tampons, I love even more that every box of tampons purchased will provide period products to a girl in need. These things matter to me. But as much as I love these tampons, and I recommend them they have great absorbency and they are very comfortable to use. They do come out to $1 a tampon and that doesn’t fit into my budget very well. I love that you can spread the payment out so that it is only $12 a month, but the price doesn’t fit for my family. So in about a week or so I will be sharing the period/tampon subscription I plan on staying with.

You can check out cora here


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