Reclining Camp Chair Review

There are so many different camp chairs available on the market these days it’s hard to choose. I usually buy the cheapest ones I can find, then I am not so sad if the quality isn’t the greatest. But then I find myself buying more chairs than I like. So I’ve been on the look out for good quality chairs to invest in that my band of hooligans (aka my six adorably mischievous children) won’t destroy in 5 seconds of setting it up. I saw this reclining lounger camp chair and new it was just the chair for my lazy  hardworking husband, you rarely find him sitting if he is relaxing. 
This lounger by Roraima has two cup holders and a mesh side pocket great for storing extra items. It comes with a comfortable headrest and is very easy to set up and fold back up. It comes with a carrying case like most other fold out chairs, when folded in it’s case it weighs about 10lbs but is easy to carry flung over a shoulder. My husband is about 5’7″ and weighs about 198 lbs he fits comfortable in this chair. This chair has about a weight limit of 200 lbs so I fear what would happen if one of our children was to climb into his lap. But with that fear aside I will admit I weight 170 lbs and sitting in this chair it feels very sturdy and comfortable. It is not a flimsy chair. If you are 6′ tall and weight 200 lbs this is not the chair for you, but if you aren’t and are looking for a light weight chair to take camping and the beach that is easy to carry this is the chair for you. You can find this chair here: 
you can find my pictures of this chair here : #recliningcampingchair
I was given this chair for free to try out and give my honest opinion on.


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