Bluetooth Shower Speaker : AncordWorks Review

I love listening to music and podcasts all the time. It always motivates me to get up and get doing the things i need to get done everyday. When I saw this little bluetooth shower speaker, I knew I had to have it. Lately I’ve been using my cell phone to listen to music when in the shower, but it is a little pointless because I can barely hear anything and i’m left more irritated from straining to hear, I tried one of those ihome mini speaker but it still wasn’t loud enough and it started giving me problems after a month or so of use. This speaker, I can just suction it to my shower wall and I can change songs and adjust the volume with ease. 
 When I received this speaker in the mail, I was surprised to see when I opened the box it came with more than just a speaker and usb charging cable. You get a usb wall charger, suction cup hanger, clip carabiner, an 8gb TF card, and a TF card reader. I have never seen a card reader like this, so i was excited to give it a try. I really couldn’t be any happier with this product. It’s on sale right now for 29.99 and it is well worth it. This speaker is waterproof, shockproof, sandproof, and dustproof and it has  23 hour playtime! It seems well made and very sturdy. This speaker has a mic so when connected with your phone it can be used for hands free calling which is great if you get an important call and are in the shower or while in the car. The suction cup has a very strong hold and the clip is perfect to hang for a backpack or belt loop for hands free listening. 
If you’re looking for a portable speaker with great sound, look no further. This is such a great speaker and it’s multifunctional, I love that it can pick up calls when connected with your phone, it’s got a great battery life and doesn’t take very long to charge. The sound is amazing and it’s the loudest speaker I’ve ever had. It’s a great price for everything that you get with it, you can find this speaker on amazon. 
Ancordworks Shower Speaker: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075DYBCWD
I was given this product free to test and give my honest review on. 

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