Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery Review


So I have to begin this post by saying, I don’t believe that anything that is disposable is very eco-friendly. I almost never buy disposable cutlery. I hate plastic and that is all you will find in my town. It absolutely makes me cringe when i see my kids chewing on plastic, I always tell them how toxic it is. Of course they are kids and they’re superheros so nothing can hurt them, right? With all that said I do know there are times when using disposable cutlery is easier and/or necessary. With the holidays just around the corner, disposable cutlery and plates may just be a must. I love doing all the holiday cooking but I definitely don’t like doing all the holiday dishes.

I was given a pack of 200 birchwood disposable cutlery from Wayne Global to review. They are a fairly new, small company. They are about bringing about more eco-friendly options, right now the only thing they are selling is this pack. The 200 pack of cutlery comes with 100 forks, 50 spoons, and 50 knives. They are FDA approved and biodegradable. These beautiful birchwood utensils are guaranteed splinter free. My boys and I used these to eat some ice cream from the carton and they held just fine, so they are pretty tough and won’t snap on you easily. They don’t add any kind of taste to your food, are very smooth, and don’t feel weird in your mouth.

I will most likely be using these for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since I have them. They will add a little rustic charm to my table, I love all things rustic. These would be a great option for weddings, picnics, and parties. If you feel the need to use disposable, why not go as eco friendly as possible. These are really beautiful, better than any plastic utensil you could buy. The price isn’t bad either, right now they are selling at $16.99 on amazon and eligible for prime shipping.


Wayne Global is hosting a giveaway for a 12 month subscription click the link below to enter.


So if you are trying to be eco-friendlier or want a beautiful set of disposable cutlery to add some rustic charm to your get together these are a great choice. They are splinter free and biodegradable.

I was given this product free in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links.

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